Positive Energy

Energy is all around us.

As a nation, we are on the road to a more sustainable future, and there’s no turning back. We all have a part to play in achieving this critical goal – and that includes us: the UK’s oil and gas industry.

Welcome to Positive Energy. Here you can learn how our industry continues to deliver the everyday essentials we all depend upon, while continuing to support jobs and the economy and helping to deliver the energy transition.

Achieving a greener industry and affordable, low carbon energy is important to us all, and we’re well on our way.

This requires a careful balancing act, and right now, we’re using our skills and knowledge to invest in projects and technologies that will help us get there faster.

A changing industry

There are lots of reasons to be hopeful about our future – starting in Teesside. Explore these pages to discover how the region is using its rich oil and gas heritage to play its part in moves to a more sustainable future.

Meet the people and discover the new ideas that give us all reasons to be hopeful.

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