Recruitment Scams

Industry ID Scam – Be Aware!
We are aware there may be websites that indicate you need to register with them to receive an industry ID in order to work offshore.

This advice is fraudulent. The UK offshore industry does not require such IDs and on no account should you send any money to these websites.

At OGUK we are aware that there is an increase in the number of individuals being targeted as part of recruitment scams, largely from outside the United Kingdom.

Protect yourself by:

– Never sending money

– Never disclosing any personal information

OGUK monitors this activity and takes action, wherever possible, by contacting law enforcement agencies and actively removing offending material.  It is extremely difficult to locate those instigating these scams, particularly due to the increased use of social media tools in perpetrating such crimes.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience that such activity may cause and have provided some information below that we believe may be of use.

Anyone receiving one of these offers should report the matter to the appropriate law enforcement agency in your country and also report the abuse to the social media platform that is being used. 

Please note:

– No other site is legitimate, or part of OGUK

– We do not recruit for the wider oil and gas industry in the UK or abroad.

Further detailed information below

At OGUK we have some key points that will help confirm that the approach you have had is NOT legitimate.

– We only advertise jobs on our own website – any other website is not authorised by us.

– We do not recruit overseas workers for jobs in the UK oil and gas industry

– We do not approach or offer jobs via social media

– You alone will know if you have made an application to work at OGUK. The jobs we offer at our offices are advertised and require an application from interested individuals.

– We do not approach candidates directly.
We are aware that many of these recruitment scams use material from our corporate website and our trademark OGUK logo in order to look official.  This activity is illegal and constitutes copyright infringement.

The job offers are usually sent via email or social media (Facebook) and will typically advise the potential victims that they either have been hired by the company or may obtain employment with the company, and that, for a fee (the amount varies from £100 to as much as several thousand pounds), the sender will process the victim’s employment papers, tender offers, job applications and work permits. Victims are usually requested to send their fees, via a personal cheque or a money order, to a post office box outside the United Kingdom. In some instances, victims are promised or receive cheques to cover relocation expenses.

This particular kind of activity is called Advance Fee Fraud and is not an activity condoned by OGUK
You can email us details of the person who has made contact, or the materials you have been sent so we can investigate using the following email address [email protected]

These are NOT legitimate OGUK job offers.

We kindly ask that you do not telephone OGUK offices directly regarding these scams.